About the Forum

Our core aims:
  • To organise relevant events and activities to support the Alumni Library Service (ALS) community
  • To conduct relevant research in the field of ALS and share findings
  • To encourage effective relationships between libraries, vendors, alumni offices and other relevant parties
  • To support the negotiation of licensing online resources for alumni use

In order to facilitate discussions with vendors, we have produced a vendor flyer.

The Forum first started life in 2013 as a one-off event to bring libraries together with vendors to discuss alumni library service development. Since then we have had a number of successful events and expanded to include Alumni Office staff. We have a vibrant and lively committee to help take things further forward.

Your ALF Committee:

The committee was originally formed in October 2015. Current members are:

Sarah Arkle
Head of Reader Services, Learning Resources, University of Bedfordshire

Michael Barber
Marketing and Communications Manager, Content Online

Jenny Carroll
Communications Executive, Chest (a Jisc Enterprise)

Rachel Daniels (Current chair)
Education and Research Support Manager, Barrington Library, Cranfield University

Beverley Delaney
eContent Advisor, The Open University

Stuart Dempster
Acquisition & Discovery Manager, Library, Southampton University

Steve Giannoni
Director of Sales (Academic & Government), UK & Ireland, EBSCO

Claire Grace
Head of Content & Licensing, The Open University

Suzanne Griffiths
Co-founder of the Alumni Library Forum

Andy Horton
Library Manager, BPP Law School, BPP University, London

Lynn Sykes
Head of Customer Services, The University Library, The University of Sheffield

Steven Tweedie
Managing Director, Content Online

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