What we do

The Alumni Library Forum seeks to encourage and advise the development of alumni library services by:
  • Providing an annual conference
  • Highlighting and discussing relevant issues
  • Research into alumni library services
  • Relationship-building with vendors
  • Licence negotiation and circulating new deals
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  • Full case studies of alumni library services
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  • Access research on alumni library services
  • Discover resources licensed for alumni
  • And much more…
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What people are saying…

“ALF and its annual conference are a great way for spreading the word and value of Alumni outreach and engagement. It’s a supportive environment for members to and advise each other on how to support Alumni moving forward.”

“The Forum is a friendly environment in which to share ideas and developments…The Forums are excellent events. Discussion ranges from complex issues such as authentication to practical ideas which are simple to implement. It’s a great opportunity to network and it’s all free thanks to the vendors.”

“The Alumni Library Forum and its annual conference is the number one place to go when looking into library resource provision to Alumni. Whether at the beginning or well on the way. It is such a rich resource of information, help and support! I always recommend ALF to those who discuss Alumni access to library resources.”

“This event was such a positive and encouraging experience.”

“ALF17 was one of the most informative and practical conferences I have ever been to, I made some great contacts and picked up some useful tips to help me get started on our alumni provision.”

“Very informative. I have gone to sign up to the online resources available and have started to develop plans for improving our alumni library resources as a result.”